Logbook HAM-Radio

All offered programs and applets are freeware, Copyright © Jochanan Agam - Zurich, can be freely distributed and may be used completely free, but:

Any commercial exploitation or the sale of software copies is explicitly prohibited !

They are:

  • portable, no installation required and they run on external media (USB stick),
  • stealth, the registry is not used and they leave no traces in the host-PC,
  • possibly settings are written into the application folder,
  • run under all Windows versions
  • in english, possibly with a german language file (*.DE) and a help in german with a bad machine (!) english "translation"
  • otherwise with a short english help (for "command line utilities" by running without parameters).

About UPX-compression of EXE-files there are different views. It is a fast loading from disk against a optimal memory consumption.
Allmost of my programs (except those the are allways in memory f.e. PopMenu and AutoText) are compressed using the latest version of UPX. If that is not desired, you can unpack the respective EXE-file with the command: "upx.exe -d program.exe".

Comments and suggestions are welcome ...

Jochanan Agam, Zurich