Logbook HAM-Radio

All offered programs and applets are freeware, Copyright © Jochanan Agam - Zurich, can be freely distributed and may be used completely free, but:

Any commercial exploitation or the sale of software copies is explicitly prohibited!

They are:

  • portable, no installation required and they run on external media (USB stick),
  • stealth, the registry is not used and they leave no traces in the host-PC,
  • possibly settings are written into the application folder,
  • 32bit programs and run under (almost) all Windows versions,
  • in english, possibly with a german language file (*.DE) and a help in german with a bad machine (!) english "translation"
  • otherwise with a short english help (for "command line utilities" by running without parameters).

About UPX-compression of EXE files there are different views. It is a fast loading from disk (USB-stick) against a optimal memory consumption.

Here they are not compressed, because some scanners can tigger a "false alarm". But I recommend to keep the EXE files (except those the are allways in memory f.e. PopMenu and AutoText) with latest version of UPX too compressed - especially if they are to run on a USB-stick.
With the command: "upx.exe -5 (1-9) program.exe" the programs can be packed and unpacked with "upx.exe -d program.exe".

Comments and suggestions are welcome ...

Jochanan Agam, Zurich