HAM-Radio Info-Base - Personal Informations Manager / Freeform Database

13.2 - 09.05.2024
6.1 MB

a very fast, effective and highly adaptable PIM:

  • supports Unicode, external and internal links.
  • very fast (also with very large amount of data) and effectively for any kind of data ...
  • no complex formatting, only TAB and CR/LF.
  • the rules are limited to the bare minimum and they can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • the idea is that of a "note spear" (stack) on the desk.
  • new notes are easily and quickly placed on top of the appropriate stack.
  • free customizable templates for different data.
  • clip import from other programs (f.e. browser, e-mail client).
  • extremely fast full-text search in each stack (local F4) or in all stacks (global F3).
  • combined filter (with logical and), bookmarks, alarm by date (tickler).
  • all databases can be edited with any unicode-text-editor.
  • unlimited (only disc space) number of notes / stacks.
  • the ideal "Zettelkasten" ... TCstart - Command line Utilities for TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, CipherShed

3.4 - 05.05.2022
28 MB

three small programs to the more convenient use of crypt-containers:

  • allows the automatic mounting and dismounting of crypt-containers when starting programs with data inside a container.
  • secure encryption of sensitive data, f.e. for Info-Base (see above), e-Mail, Office etc.
  • appears for each open container a different colored tray icon, green for local and red for network, with the drive letter.
  • calls directly with a program (with any number of parameters) and asks for the password, when the container is not open.
  • single containers can be closed via the popup menu of the tray icon, all in one shot with TCstop.exe.
  • a list of drive letter and process (f.e. "z|infobase.exe" in "notClosed.txt") prevents the closing at possibly still open programs, can and must be adapted to your own needs.
  • works with TrueCrypt (7.1a included), VeraCrypt (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 only up to 1.24 !) and CipherShed
  • But VeraCrypt is recommended (freeware). With the parameters "/hash" (cmd= in TCstart.ini) with a long password just fast as TrueCrypt.
    But for working with PIM in VeraCrypt the password must be longer than 20 characters, so that the input should be automated. The longer the password, the lower the value of the PIM can be and the quicker it will be to mount a volume - with the same security. There are some Programs like the Keepass. But there are also other, more secure ways "to enter" an arbitrarily long password very fast ... The PIM in the INI file is encrypted !
  • of course, everything is portable and can be readily used on a USB stick.
  • for synchronization with the main PC is an example of a batch file include (with robocopy)
  • TCstart.exe without parameters shows the possible options. SelCrypt - Encryption and decryption via the clipboard

1.8 - 28.04.2020
440 kB

a small program in the system tray for:

  • fast and direct encryption and decryption of selected text (ANSI and UNICODE) in any editor.
  • it is intended primarily for private e-Mails in which certain passages or the whole text is to be encrypted.
  • if AutoText is also used, the automatic recording of clipboard entries (text only) should be stopped there for SelCrypt. AutoText - Typing aid and clipboard extension

8.0 - 13.11.2022
400 kB

a small program in the system tray for two tasks:

  • it offers in a small tooltip window saved words, texts, phrases, snippets, passwords etc. during typing in any other program and will insert the selected item directly to the cursor position. In case of unsuccessful search, Space, Return, PgUp, PgDn etc. closes the small window, so that fast and liquid typing is not disturbed. Three different search methods can be set.
  • in the text can be used macros for date (greg. and hebr.), time and counter - cf. help in the editor !
  • up to 5 different files (e.g. for different languages) can be selected.
  • in addition AutoText monitors the clipboard and saves the last X text entries of the clipboard, which can then be retrieved as well.
  • up to 3 different files with clipboard entries can be selected.
  • the recording of clipboard entries (text only) can be prevented when certain programs are running. e.g. the SelCrypt (see above).
  • The hotkey for the popup menu can be used to automate the switching of files.

supports Unicode (partially)

Each of the two functions can be switched off separately. Both files are editable. Marked text is transferred directly into the database by a hotkey . PopMenu - quick popup menu and program launcher

3.1 - 28.12.2022
1 MB

This small menu is started either by a hotkey or a click on the tray icon. It is able to handle changing drive letters and therefore it is particularly suitable as a starter for a USB stick.

A special feature is that the icons will not be loaded until popup. Icons of programs or from an icon-library inside a crypt-container will be displayed only when it is mounted. (See above: TCstart)
Whole menus / submenus or parts thereof can be exported and imported. DirInfo - Documents-Management-System (archives, photos, audio etc.)

6.6 - 06.12.2021
900 kB

It reads a directory and its subdirectories and store they in a dBase database. There can be added short descriptions of the files, Comments (arbitrarily long text) and categories. In addition, file comments (Descript.ion) are supported, eg. for Total Commander etc. Documents can be opened directly from DirInfo.

This is particularly suitable for an archive of collections of files, documents, downloads, software, documents, photos, media etc. The entire archive of DirInfo can also be on a USB stick and it will always be available. Collection of various utilities

3.4 MB
  • HebDate.exe - calculates (and copies to the clipboard) the respective Hebrew date in Latin and Hebrew letters (unicode).
  • SleepRun.exe - startes any executable file with an arbitrary delay.
  • DefaultBrowser.exe - set any (portable) browser as the default - tested under Windows XP to Windows 8 !
  • PosSize.exe - changes size and position of the active window, multimonitor. to use e.g. with HotkeyP for WIN + ALT + Numpad keys.
  • KeybLed.exe - displays the current status of keyboard lock keys in the system tray.
  • NetTime.exe - synchronize the PC clock with any SNTP server.
  • SendKey.exe - Keyboard macros, program/windows-based.
  • DirDate.exe - sets the date/time of directories.
  • FileDate.exe - sets the current date/time of files.
  • Drives.exe - shows for each active drive (if disk inserted!) a small icon in the tray.
  • PInput.exe - Password entry for batch-files and programs.
  • SysUtil.exe - some system functions: empty trash, reboot, shutdown etc.
  • DelDir.exe - deletes whole directory structures (like the old DELTREE.EXE).
  • ToClip.exe - sends a string (command line) to the clipboard.
  • ToIni.exe - writes data (command line) to an INI-file.
  • File2Clip.exe - sends a textfile to the clipboard.
  • FileRepl.exe - replaces strings in files (binary).
  • FileSort.exe - sorts all lines in a textfile.
  • DosWin.exe - converts dBase files or text files to ASCI or ANSI.
  • DbfTxt.exe - converts dBase files to text files (CSV) and vice versa (dbf2csv and csv2dbf).
  • Ask.exe - questions in a batch-file (console).
  • Sleep.exe - wait for x seconds in a batch-file (console).
Help usually by calling without parameters !